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Selenium Web driver, IDE, Frameworks, Java Online Classes

The Online Selenium Classes Includes Selenium IDE, web drivers , Frame Works with Java Programming , Training classes will be Conduct by Experienced Faculties which helps you to learn and understand the real time scenarios, the selenium online training is a trainer Led live training where you can interact with trainer , We also offer class notes and 2 months free java and selenium Training videos which will help to the students to revise the selenium classes after completion of the course .  

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Selenium Online Training Course Content

I. Java Basics

 Installing Java

 Installing Eclipse

 Why Java for Selenium

 First Eclipse Project

 Concept class files

 Data types in Java

 Conditional Statements

 Loops (While, For etc..)

 Usage of loops in Selenium

 Arrays

 Usage of Arrays in Selenium

 Functions and Return Types

II. Java – OOPS

 Local and Global Variables

 Access Modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected

 Static and Non-Static

 Classes and Objects

 Constructors

 Inheritance

 Interfaces

 Overloading and Overriding

 Different Types of Exceptions

 Usage of Exception in Selenium

 Collections in Java (Arraylist)

 String Class

III. TestNG Frame Works

 What is TestNg

 Installing TestNg in Project/Eclipse

 TestNg annotations

 Running Test in TestNg

 Batch Running of tests in TestNg

 Skipping Tests

 Parameterizing Tests – Data Provider

 Using Assertions/Reporting Errors

 TestNg Reports

 Adavantages over Junit

IV. Ant

 What is Ant

 Downloading and configuring Ant/Maven

 Build.xml

 ANT  commands

 HTML Report generation using Ant

 Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT

V. Selenium IDE

 Installing Selenium IDE

 Recording the scripts.

 Running the scripts.

 How to save the recording script.

 Object Identification.

 Difference between Test case and test suit.

 Languages supported while recording.

 Synchronization in Selenium IDE.

 Testing Vs Selenium IDE

 When to use Selenium IDE

 How to run the recorded script against other browsers.

 Why companies are not using recording tools.

VI. Selenium Webdriver Basics

 Why WebDriver?

 Downloading WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse

 Architecture of selenium webdriver

 Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome

 First Selenium Code

 Working with chrome and IE

 Concept of firefox profile

 What is Firefox profile

 Why we need firefox Profile

 Close and Quit -Difference

 HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities.

 Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation in Mozilla

 Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE

 HTML language tags and attributes

 Various locators

 Identifying WebElements using locators

 Finding xpaths in different browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and IE

 Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page

 Working with different browsers without changing code

 Accessing Form Elements

o Text Box, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Links, Drop-Down box, Listbox etc..

 Hidden components

 Taking Screenshots of the web pages

 POI API in java

Parameterising tests from xl files

VIII. Selenium Webdriver Advanced

 Implicit and Explicit Wait

 ExpectedCondition interface and ExpectedConditions class

 PageloadTimeout Class

 Window Handles

 Managing tabbed windows in IE, Chrome and Mozilla

 Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla

 Managing popups in IE, Chrome and Mozilla

 Front and back button click on Browser using selenium

 Uploading/Downloading Files

 Actions class in Webdriver

 JavaScriptExecutor Class

 POM - Page Object Model

 Examples with real time web applications (Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, EBay etc..)

DATA Driven Frame Works


Online Selenium Training Course Content

Selenium Web driver